NEET に なりたい、だからほっといてくださいいだから


らくがき・カットまとめ2013夏 | つかこ [pixiv]



why wouldn’t she know that

And Thank you for sharing this with us Syo.

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Marika in garden


ggo is reall good so far, i wanna read the mango so badly ;-;

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The Fujoshi Life

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That’s the part where you’re suppose to reject or something.

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Titan shifters are humans who can morph into giant beings. To perform this feat, they must suffer a wound that draws blood, as shown when Eren  bit his hand to protect his friends, or when Annie stabbed her finger with a blade, while having a solid goal in mind at the moment of injury. If a shifter’s Titan form is pushed to its limit, its human form will emerge from the nape of its neck in an unconscious state. A notable trait of the three major antagonistic shifters is their lack of skin as well as special abilities unique only to their Titans. It is unknown how this relates to Jaeger, who doesn’t share their place of origin.

Female Titan, by Jason Peng.

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Detective | Twitter

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舞園ちゃんと初期ソニちゃん並べたら絶対かわいいってずっと思ってた | Twitter

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